All Are Our Heroes: The Making of the Song

What began as a single song inspired by Gwinnett’s Relay for Life celebration is fast becoming an anthem and cause for all those touched by cancer, rallying a worldwide following of thousands committed to fight the disease and find a cure.

"The mission is to bring people around the world together to inspire participation and support for cancer advocacy, prevention and research," plans David Greer, writer of All Are Our Heroes. "I'm a dreamer and if you're going to dream, dream big." His goal is to raise $1 million to fight cancer.

Greer, a Georgia media and marketing entrepreneur, wrote All Are Our Heroes as he reflected on the faces of the people in the Survivor’s Walk at his local Relay for Life.

"All Are Our Heroes -- that's what I thought. I reflected on the faces of the people I see walking in the Survivor's Walk at our local Relay for Life. Young, old, man, woman and child -- their battles unspoken, their triumphs unknown. Some people smile at life's darkest hour," says Greer, whose thoughts quickly became lyrics.

He soon brought in Rachel Farley, just 14, an up-and-coming country music artist as a co-writer and singer, and the two collaborated on what is proving to be a magical piece of work.

Singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins, Grammy nominated for his number one hit Lullaby, joined the Heroes team to produce the song. Mullins brought his band into Tree Sound Studios in Norcross; Tree Leaf Music is donating studio time for the project. Joining Mullins and Rachel were some inspirational back-up singers – six young childhood cancer survivors who add their voices to the song's ending chorus.

The power and reach of social network is a vital part of the Heroes effort -- the All Are Our Heroes Facebook Group is now more than 6,500 strong and growing hourly, with members from 48 states, Washington, D.C. and 21 countries.

Relay teams nationwide are successfully using the Heroes song project as primary and secondary fundraiser. Although the suggested donation is $5, teams are receiving generous donations of $10 or more.

Corporate and business leaders are also joining the dream, with their support enabling a broader reach for the effort. Presenting sponsors for the project are Elekta, Gary Martin Hays and Associates, and Gwinnett Magazine. Other sponsors include Allgood Pest Solutions, Primerica, Tree Leaf Music and Suburban Hemotology-Oncology Associates, plus numerous others who've donated professional services.

Join us in our fight against cancer. Click here to hear the song that inspired a worldwide movement.